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Is Your Garage Door on Its Last Hinge?

Keep your garage door in pristine condition by investing in garage door repair services at the first sign of damage. The experts at Total Garage Care will assess the condition of your garage door and administer a thorough repair. This keeps your unit functioning at an optimal level.

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When should you get garage spring repair?

When your garage spring is broken, this makes opening and closing increasingly difficult. Discover these pressing signs that indicate you need an immediate garage spring repair:

  • Your door looks crooked
  • Opening and closing is slow
  • You notice loose cables

Tackling this issue early helps to avoid irreversible damage and extends the lifespan of your garage door.

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Garage Doors Repairs in Smyrna

If you detect a malfunction with the operation of your garage door system, call Total Garage Care, your local Atlanta garage door repair company immediately to address the problem. Ignoring a problem with your garage door system could cause other malfunctions, leading to more expensive repairs as well as compromising the safety of those using the garage. Let the professional technicians at Total Garage Care who are properly trained to handle the system components service your garage door to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely.

  • Low Prices Everyday - We offer every day low prices on products from Top Brands in the garage door industry
  • Customized Services - Total Garage Care offers garage repair services tailored for each customer. Every customer's need is not always the same, Total Garage Care ensures services are tailored to each customer's individual need.
  • Same Day Service - We offer same day service; check with us for availability
  • Licensed and Insured - Keeping your home's safety at the forefront of operations

We at Total Garage Care Garage Door Service, are specialists in Garage Door Installation, Repair and Jammed Door Opening Service in Metro Atlanta Georgia and surrounding cities. We are not only experts when it comes to Garage Doors, but are also very familiar with the region´s climate and architecture. This is why they can give you the best advice according to your specific needs and preferences, while still maintaining the look and feel that are unique to your neighborhood.

Providing Smyrna and nearby cities with affordable garage door repair services and installation. We repair or replace any component on your garage door: Garage door springs repair, cables repair, new door installation, garage opener install and more...

Garage Door Repair Smyrna, GA Atlanta, GA Marietta, GA

Total Garage Care, Atlanta based Garage Door Company offers professional repair and installation services for garage doors and garage door openers along with their component parts. We are a Garage Door Company who employ professional, well trained technicians whose range of services include repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of residential garage doors and openers, door springs, cables, tracks, and door rollers.

When it´s time to choose a Residential or Commercial garage door, you should rely on specialists in the field. We will guide you through the many factors you must consider before installing a Garage Door Installation & Restoration and also Fittings and Accessories. For example, it will be necessary to determine how your garage will be used and where it´s located in relation to your home. Next, you´ll have to determine the required level of insulation and the desired door opener model, as well as the accessories you'll need. And of course, we can´t forget about your door´s decorative elements, such as the choice of model, the color, the texture, the window type and the hardware.